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FFA Fisheries Trade News August 2009

Articles in this month's edition include:
- PNG signs Interim Economic Partnership Agreement, Spanish Industry attempted to scupper global sourcing rules of origin 
- Pacific island countries seek to reframe relations with distant water fishing nations and fleets
- Scientists sign consensus statement on threats to the Pacific Ocean 
- International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) takes action on traceability, tuna stocks and bycatch
- Greenpeace rates fisheries eco-label schemes
- Developments among Spanish tuna firms

FFA participates in Pacific Islands News Association Convention in Vanuatu

PORT VILA, VANUATU, 25-30 July 2009: The Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) has been raising awareness of fisheries issues with media attending the conference. At a pre-conference workshop, FFA presented an overview of fisheries including fisheries management, development and control of illegal fishing and the important role of DEVFISH ( and the Oceanic Fisheries Management Project ( in providing assistance to Pacific Island countries.

Tuna decision making processes explained

HONIARA, SOLOMON ISLANDS, MONDAY 20 JULY 2009: Ever wondered how countries negotiate the rules on tuna fishing? How international decisions between the Pacific Islands and the world’s biggest fishing countries are made? What is the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC)? Who are its members and what it has done so far? How the WCPFC seeks to control fishing and illegal fishing?

FFA Trade News June 2009

Volume 2: Issue 6        June 2009

This issue includes articles on the PNA, onshore processing investments in PICS, Mexico-US tuna dolphin issues and trade, labour rights, the impact of piracy on Western Indian Ocean tuna fisheries and exporting tuna to China.








FFA Fisheries Trade News May 2009

This month's publication features reports on the European Tuna Conference 2009 as well as:

External dimensions of European Commission’s proposed Common Fisheries Policy reform, an Update on US methylmercury and tuna controversy
Opportunities, challenges and evolution in Marine Stewardship Council certification & Developments in carbon footprints and fish trade debate.

TUNA MARKETS - Articles include:
Chicken of the Sea canning plant closing in American Samoa, opening new plant in mainland US , Promises and pitfalls facing the Japanese tuna fleet.


Volume 2: Issue 3&4 March and April 2009
By Liam Campling and Elizabeth Havice[1]


Second meeting to discuss Chair’s ‘Roadmap’ on fisheries subsidies disciplines

Tuna Industry leaders launch International Seafood Sustainability Foundation
EC support to developing countries to implement IUU Regulation
Developments in the US Purse Seine Fleet and the US Treaty

FFA Fisheries Trade News - February 2009

This edition of FFA Fisheries Trade News features articles on:

1) WTO discusssions and fisheries subsidies
2) New study on US fisheries subsidies
3) US policy priorities under Obama as it applies to trade
4) New tuna processing facility in Lae, PNG
5) Japan’s recession and its domestic market for sashimi tuna
6) Impacts of economic downturn on Japanese seafood firms

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FFA High Level Delegation in Fiji this week

SUVA, THURSDAY 17 JULY 2008: A high level delegation from the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) met with Fijian leaders this week to discuss Fijian fisheries.