Travel Requirements for Entry into Solomon Islands

 As the Solomon Islands is now working towards the full reopening of the International borders as of 1st July 2022, please refer to the attached Travel Advisory Number 22 for a revised advice on Travel Requirements for entry and departure from the Solomon Islands.

Landmark FFA resolution on climate change adopted by WCPFC16

Wed 11 Dec 2019

A landmark Forum Fisheries Agency resolution on climate change has been adopted by the 16th annual meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, creating a platform for a more urgent response to global warming by the world’s largest tuna fisheries organisation.

Save the Date: Key Tuna meetings in 2014


Sat 25 GEF Steering Committee FFA Conference Centre, SI

Mon 27-Thu 30  Management Options Consultation (MOC) FFA Conference Centre, SI

Fri 31 Special Officials FFC91  FFA Conference Centre, SI


Mon 3-Wed 5 Technical Working Group (Fisheries and Trade) on the EU EPA Negotiation, Suva, FIJI

Mon 9-Sat 11 Nov PNA Special Ministerial Meeting Funafuti, TUVALU

FFA members

The Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency has 17 members, including many small island developing states. FFA members, with varying levels of development and other cultural and social differences, exercise their common concern for the state of tuna stocks in the region through membership of FFA. As members, they shape the policy direction of fisheries management, control and development across the region and recieve expertise and support to manage tuna within their own waters.

FFA's 17 Pacific Island members are: