CP11_2122 RFP Provision of monitoring and evaluation of the FFA Regional Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Strategy (RMCSS) 2018-2023

You are invited to submit a proposal to provide monitoring and evaluation of the FFA Regional Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (RMCSS) 2018- 2023.

This invitation briefly explains the proposal process and requirements of the assessment. In addition to this request to quote, you will receive a package of information to assist you in the preparation of your quotation.

To enable you to submit a proposal for the work, please find enclosed:

ANNEX I - Instructions to bidders

ANNEX II - Terms of Reference

ANNEX III - FFA Standard Conditions of Contract

Quotations must be limited to 10 pages and must be emailed to: [email protected] at the FFA

Submission of proposals responding to this invitation should be received by 5pm, Friday 12 August 2022 (Solomon Islands time and date).

Late applications will not be considered. 

Closing Date: 
Friday, August 12, 2022