Kiribati court fines ship for illegal activities

BETIO, KIRIBATI, 27 AUGUST 2009: The Kiribati Court of Appeal today fined the owner and master of a ship not licenced to operate in Kiribati waters when it handed down its judgment in the appeal by Athena Shipping and No Euihyeong, owner and master, respectively, of the Hai Soon 28.

On 21 February 2009 Hai Soon 28 was seen unloading fuel to a fishing vessel without a permit. A Kiribati Police Officer, Kiribati Fisheries Officer boarded the Hai Soon 28 from a US Coastguard vessel and brought the ship back to port where it was placed under arrest.

In court, 19 cases of refueling was confirmed and total fines ordered were $380,000 (AUD) for the master and $4,350,000 for the owner.