Fisheries Management Advisor

The Forum Fisheries Agency is now looking for a Fisheries Management Advisor to join our team in Honiara, in the Solomon Islands, on a full time basis. Reporting to the Director of Fisheries Management, you will be responsible for providing advice and support to FFA member countries in the development and implementation of effective national, subregional and regional tuna fisheries management arrangements that support their sustainable development aspirations. 

Some of the Key Result Areas for this position will include; providing advise and assisting FFA members to identify, prioritise and analyse fisheries management issues, analysing and assessing the impact of existinfg, new or proposed national fisheries management measures and arrangements on FFA members' tuna fisheries interests and fostering effective relations with the oceanic fisheries managers of FFA member countries and other key stakeholders. 

To learn more about the position interested canidates can download the Job Description and submit their applications online thorugh this link: 

Closing Date: 
Saturday, September 2, 2017