PNG #TUNAnomics event urges Asia media wantoks to collaborate more.

TUNAnomics PNG
PNG's National Fisheries Authority in collaboration with the ABU Pacific Media Partnership 2016 and the FFA #TUNAnomics Pacific Media Initiative has hosted a Reporting Fisheries workshop for Papua New Guinea's leading news houses. The program, from 18-25th August 2016 in  Port Moresby and Madang, Papua New Guinea, led to some digital stories being shared by compile editor Michelle Jerewai (middle, above) from the PNG Gov Communications and Information unit, and a short statement of Outcomes – delivered by Rocky Issou, PNGFM (far left). PINA President and FFA Media Fellow Moses Stevens also gave an overview of the Media Initiative, now in its third year. 
Here at the annual Pacific Media Partnership event of the Asia Broadcasting Union, Papua New Guinea’s main news organisations have been talking #TUNAnomics. Tunanomics is a regional media initiative launched by the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency in 2014 to grow quality journalism about a fish which provides jobs for tens of thousands of workers and feeds millions of families across both the Asia and the Pacific Oceans. 
Hosted at the national level by the Papua New Guinea National Fisheries Authority, we have for the past week immersed ourselves in the story of this amazing travelling fish. A group of 15 from all parts of the media industry in PNG, we started off last week in dialogue briefing sessions with the experts and leaders on all the factors which make tuna the story to follow. We were also pleased to see the sessions went both ways, as we shared ideas on how to open up and strengthen the contact we already enjoy with our National Fisheries Authority. 
Through those valuable opening sessions and a field trip to the Madang headquarters of the RD Fisheries company, which also hosts the country’s first onshore tuna processing facility, we have made important strides towards achieving the twin objectives of the workshop. We came together to strengthen the diversity and depth of fisheries reporting across PNG’s mainstream media, and we wanted to grow contacts and build relationships between media and fisheries leaders.  
We’ve generated three key recommendations for our stakeholders which will help sharpen that news focus on our amazing Papua New Guinea tuna story:
 Develop user friendly guides and products for journalists—Acronyms, scientific and technical terms, and jargon are a major challenge for journalists trying to meet deadlines and covering a range of issues. Whether a poster or pamphlet explaining an issue, or a booklet of acronyms, we welcome anything that helps to keep the issues simple, clear and relevant.
 Be accessible— In our sessions with our Fisheries Authority officials, we welcomed the level of open dialogue and feedback on all our questions, and we want that to continue. Keeping the lines open and responding to phone messages and emails is a vital part of ensuring journalists give their best reporting efforts to the issues that matter. Without your feedback and timely responses to our questions, we cannot hope to keep the public we both serve well-informed.
And finally, but especially for PNG, where TUNAnomics has shown us it’s less about some fish, and really about a whole ocean of issues, 
 Don’t stop here—The learning journey of the last week has been amazing, but we have also seen that there is much more to find out. Please continue this partnership and keep in mind that when you bring the media into the picture, you keep your nation informed.  We look forward to playing our part in achieving this and the previous recommendations, in collaboration with our NFA and other partners. 
As we came into the ABU-PMP part of our TUNAnomics meeting, our digital storytelling sessions allowed us to reflect on how multi-media technologies, media convergence, and social media are impacting and shaping the work we do and how our audiences receive the news. 
We’ve been inspired by the experience of being here in this forum, and thank the organizers, in particular the ABU and PNG host partners EMTV,  the PNG NFA, and FFA for their support. 
In closing, our final recommendation to you all as our colleagues in this Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union forum, is the 2016 theme-- Collaborating for Partnerships. This special forum provides a perfect collaboration opportunity for the one key resource we share so well—our Pacific tuna. Your countries are heavily vested in the fishing, eating, and value-adding of Pacific tuna resources. The 2016 theme provides the perfect space for us to formally reach out and encourage you, our broadcast media wantoks from Asia and beyond, our developed nation media wantoks in NZ and Australia, to partner with us. Let’s collaborate in areas such as professional attachments or content exchange or joint productions which can truly converge our coverage and benefit the millions of Asia-Pacific viewers who all love the taste of tuna. I’ll leave you with that simple idea, and once more thank you all. --ENDS