Invitation to Tender-Review of FFA

Request for Proposals (RFP) are invited for a consultant(s) to undertake a review of Forum Fisheries Agency in accordance with terms of reference agreed by the Forum Fisheries Committee at their annual meeting in May 2006.

The Review will supplement exisiting governance and evaluation processes and help inform the FFC and its Audit Committee on both current and future performance and needs. The Review should therefore assess not only recent performacee but also be forward looking and comment on the business models and forms of cooperation needed to sustain the FFA.s performance in coming years. It will provide valuable input to future workon the neztFFA Corporate Plan due for completion by 2020.

Interested companies or induviduals must provide details on: (i) methodology (ii) timelines: (iii) previous experience in the Pacific fisheries sector; and (iv) a costed work plan. Parties are advised that the total costs of this exercise will not exceed USD 50,000 and that work shoould be prioritised accordingly. Please refer to the complete RFP for details available at For any further information please contact Perry Head ([email protected]).

Proposals should be received no later that 5.00pm (Solomon Islands iime) on Wednesday 28th September 2016. The selected consultant(s) must be available to participate in the margins of FFA regional meetings scheduled in Honiara over the period 26 October-4th November 2016 to obtain feedback from members in a cost-effective fashion.

Please email all proposals to [email protected] or they may be hand delivered to the FFA office located at West Kola Ridge, Honiara or faxed to +677 23995. Please label all proposals TC06/1617 Review of FFA

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, September 28, 2016