Providing Decent Employment for Pacific Fishers: FFA/ILO Brochure

Increasing employment in the fisheries sector is a key goal set by Pacific Forum Leaders in 2015, via the Future of Fisheries Roadmap for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries and Report Cards. The Roadmap identifies seven clear goals for oceanic and coastal fisheries which member states have committed to achieve over the next ten years. Among them is the important
goal of creating 18,000 new jobs in the tuna industry within the next decade – which would include employment in tuna processing, vessel crew, observers and fisheries management staff. Current figures indicate that there are around 18,000 jobs currently held by
Pacific Islanders in the sector, requiring a doubling of jobs to meet the goal. What are the implications and challenges of the surge towards ensuring more Pacific Islands nations enjoy the jobs that come with keeping the benefits of fisheries in our region?

The Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency and the Suva office of the International Labour Organisation, ILO, have jointly published this resource highlighting the issues and solutions towards decent employment in the Pacific Fishery. For more info contact Ribanataake Awira, of FFA's Fisheries Development Advisory team, via [email protected]