FFA HQ, Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS, Thurs 2 May-- ‪#‎Vanuatu‬'s Fisheries Regulations will come in for a closer look for FFA's latest Legal intern, Felix Toa Ngwango. (See attached image, Second from left, with FFA's Legal team Pole Atinraoi-Reim (left), Tion Nabau, and Dr Manu Tupou-Roosen (right). The Vanuatu ‪#‎Fisheries‬' Principal Compliance Officer (Legal), is on a ten-day Internship program with the Pacific Islands ‪#‎ForumFisheries‬ Agency, FFA, during which he will have briefing sessions across the Management, Development, Operations and Executive divisions of the Pacific's tuna agency, with a focus on finalizing some proposed Vanuatu fisheries regulations. Toa is no stranger to the agency, although its his first close up, inside experience as an intern. From his ‪#‎compliance‬ role drafting Vanuatu's fisheries laws and regulations, he expects to gain insights into how the national context can be strengthened and enforced at national level, and the regional and global contexts. His work across facets of Vanuatu Fisheries also takes him across other sectors of the national government including the Vanuatu Attorney General's Office, Foreign Affairs (regarding International Treaties and Agreements) and the Vanuatu Police ‪#‎Maritime‬ Wing (legal, maritime matters)-- all in a days work for Fisheries compliance. On his return to Vanuatu, Toa, looks forward to translating his learning curve with FFA into some practical national level training sessions, helped along by the Public Prosecutions Office, to help selected Fisheries officers gain more skills in applying Vanuatu's Fisheries legislation for enforcement purposes. The FFA Legal Internships are made possible with funding support from New Zealand Aid. ‪#‎FoFRoadmap‬ ‪#‎tuna‬

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