FFA development support in 2014 - focus on national compliance, standards

FFA's Fisheries Development Division through its EU-funded DEVFISH II project has supported a significant focus on national compliance systems. This work is done by national 'competent authorities' to meet the standards of the EU IUU regulation and the regulatory standards of EU accredited food safety Competent Authorities. Establishment and strengthening across some member nations has taken a focus in two areas-- food safety standards covering tuna at all stages from the ocean to the consumer, and Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing. Competent authorities are key to economic development for ensuring Pacific tuna ends up in the lucrative EU marketplace-- meeting the standards of the EU consumer helps ensure Pacific nations reap more of the econonomic benefits from export tuna and processed products.

Competent Authorities (food safety): The project has sustained ongoing consultancy support for capacity building and training in the established and aspirant CA’s throughout the region. This has included inputs in PNG, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, FSM and RMI. Most recently, the project has supported the development of a proposal (now adopted by FFC in 2014) to examine the possible development of a more established FFA presence for delegated authority arrangements for certain CA functions; with the intention that this might make CA establishment less expensive and more achievable for FFA members. 

Competent Authorities (IUU): The project has sustained ongoing consultancy support for capacity and training and the preparation of revised National Plans of Action (NPOA) IUU for a number of countries including to date, Fiji, Vanuatu, FSM, RMI, Solomon Islands, PNG, Tuvalu and Kiribati. In addition, he project has supported work with these members to develop Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for NPOA action items implementation and the standardizing of associated procedures. This has primarily focused around catch certificate certification systems.  


For an inside view of what happens during CA training workshops, read the attached report from the June 2014 Regional Competent Authority Workshop held in Fiji.