About FFA: governance by FFC

The Forum Fisheries Committee (FFC) is comprised of one representative of each of the 17 members. The representative may be assisted by deputies. The Director, Deputy Director and other officers of the Agency, and advisers to the Agency also attend Committee meetings. Observers may also sit and this allows review and participation by other relevant organisations.

The FFC meets once a year at its annual session, normally held in the first week of May and again in special meetings held at other times of the year, according to its discretion and agenda. Meetings are closed to the public and attempt is made to reach decisions by consensus among member countries, although there is also the ability to take issues to a vote (each party has one vote and a two thirds majority is required of all parties present for the vote to pass).

In addition to the proposed FFA Work Programme and Budget, agenda items for FFC meetings may include: items deferred or requested by previous Committees, items proposed by the FFA, and items proposed by members.


FFC10, Rarotonga, May 1985 (Record of Proceedings, paragraph 7) agreed the following about membership: On the recommendation of the working group the following factors were agreed as ones which the Committee would consider in coming to a decision on membership. the applicant must be a State or territory; it must be within the South Pacific region; it must support the purposes of the FFA Convention; it must be capable of discharging the obligations contained within the FFA Convention and provide an assurance to that effect; it must provide such other relevant information as the FFC requires; and it must advise the reasons for seeking membership.