WCPFC14: Honour the Convention, ensure compatibility between high seas, EEZs says PNG (Statement)

PNG Statement led by Minister for Fisheries Hon. Patrick Basa during the opening formalities of the WCPFC14 at the PICC in Manila, Phillippines on Dec 3, 2017.
...This is my first Commission Meeting as Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources following the National Elections in Papua New Guinea earlier this year. My delegation is confident of your guidance in chairing the WPFC Session. We also acknowledge the hard work put in by the Executive Director and the Secretariat.
Madam Chair,
I am pleased to learn of the commitment of the CCMs around this table in working together to adopt management measures and resolutions, though each Member has different interests and aspirations. Papua New Guinea urge Commission Members to respect and uphold the spirit of this Convention as we deliberate on the agenda before us. Papua New Guinea is committed to working together with all around this table to maintain the robust decision making process and ensure consensus decisions are reached between Commission Members to sustainably manage and conserve the highly migratory fish stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. On this note I remind us all of the need for this Commission to continue recognize the development aspirations of Small Island Developing States. 
Madam Chair
Papua New Guinea urges all Members that whenever a Resolution is taken, it must be seen as equally agreed to by all Members and pursued through close cooperation and genuine partnerships so that the objectives outlined in the Resolution is achieved.  
Papua New Guinea continues to recognize the sovereignty and sovereign rights of Commission Members with Exclusive Economic Zones within the WCPFC Convention area who are managing fisheries resources within their national jurisdictions to meet their development objectives. 
Papua New Guinea is concern of the continuous suggestions for inclusion of Archipelagic Waters  in certain proposed Commission Measures which infringes on the sovereignty of Archipelagic  States within this Commission. This Commission must focus on its main mandate, and that is, to  manage the High Seas within the WCPFC Convention Area. This Commission must focus on adopting  management measures in the high seas which are compatible to those existing within adjacent  Exclusive Economic Zones of coastal states. 
 Madam Chair, Papua New Guinea being a Party to the Nauru Agreement will continue to work with PNA members to  enhance the Vessel Day Scheme in managing purse seine fishing effort within the EEZs of the PNA  members and look to this Commission to focus on managing fishing efforts in the high seas and  address the issue of “disproportionate burden” in developing management measures. 
Madam Chair, Papua New Guinea maintains that measures taken in this Commission must address sustainability  and security issues including illegal, unreported and unregulated activities in the Western and  Central Pacific Ocean.  
To that end, Papua New Guinea reiterate the position of the Pacific Leaders that have been  maintained throughout the WCPFC process that zone based measures should not be undermined under  any circumstances. As per the call of the Pacific Leaders, any proposals for flag state based  measures are not acceptable. The Commission must support Small Island Developing States in  their efforts to achieve their development aspirations from the sustainable management of  fisheries in their Exclusive Economic Zones rather than formulate measures to undermine our  aspirations. 
Madam Chair,
Papua New Guinea look forward to your leadership in guiding the deliberation of the 14th Annual  Regular Session of the WCPFC and stand ready to work with you and other CCMs.
Thank you.
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