Fisheries Management


Fisheries management at FFA provides policy and services to its members to build national capacity and regional solidarity for the sustainable management of tuna in the Pacific. This includes legal expertise, principles and projects around Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management, policy expertise and support regarding fisheries management decision making bodies, notably the WCPFC and SC-SPTBF (Billfish Committee).

Tuna Fisheries Report Card 2018

This Tuna Fishery Report Card provides high-level advice on the current status of Pacific tuna fisheries in relation to the goals, indicators and strategies adopted by Forum Leaders in 2015 in the Regional Roadmap for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries. The report card takes into account the work of the Taskforce on Increasing Economic Returns from Fisheries, which was established by the Forum Leaders to develop a programme that will deliver real results within 5 years. Economic indicators now reflect Taskforce-agreed targets.

Western Central Pacific Oceanic Fisheries Management Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis 2018

Tuna are highly mobile species that can move large distances. Tuna fisheries are not contained within one country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and will move through many EEZs as well as the high seas. This makes tuna fisheries a ‘transboundary problem.’

A Transbounday Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) is a technical and factual document that is agreed by the countries involved. It is not a formal policy or action document.

WCPFC14: Fiji to Tuna Commission- 'Hard decisions need to be made now' (Statement).

 Fiji Statement led by Minister for Fisheries Hon. Semi Koroilavesau during the opening formalities of the WCPFC14 at the PICC in Manila, Phillippines on Dec 3, 2017.
... Madam Chair, Fiji’s statement will focus on the important issues that are at hand. This reflects issues that Fiji sees important in terms of our shared national and regional 

Tokelau Arrangement

Public documents on the Tokelau Arrangement.

Tokelau Arrangement Meeting Papers are available to authorised Participants via the Tokelau Arrangement link on the Meetings tab, if you are logged in.