FFA’s Movick on Sir Peter Kenilorea: Solomon Islands, Pacific have lost a  ‘rare visionary’

1st Mar 2016, FFA HQ SOLOMON ISLANDS – The passing away of former Director General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, Sir Peter Kenilorea on Thursday 25th February heralds “the end of a very special era in our Pacific history,” says FFA’s Director General James Movick. “Here on Kola Ridge, Sir Peter’s FFA family heard the news of his passing with a profound sense of sadness and loss.”

24th meeting of Pacific Islands Parties to the US Treaty: Statement

9th Feb 2016, Tokatoka Hotel, Nadi FIJI ISLANDS The Director General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, FFA, James Movick, today issued the following statement on the outcome of the meetings of Pacific Island Parties regarding the resolution of 2016 fishing arrangements under the US Treaty.

Pacific nations aim to resolve US default on 89m tuna treaty

21 Jan 2016, FFA HQ SOLOMON ISLANDS – Impacts and projections, revenues and losses are words that will feature heavily for the 17-member nations of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, FFA as they convene special sessions aimed at resolving the   default and withdrawal notice by the US on a tuna treaty that has allowed US access to tuna fishing in the Pacific for almost three decades.

FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS Volume 8: Issue 6 November-December 2015


Volume 8: Issue 6November-December 2015

By Liam Campling, Elizabeth Havice and Mike McCoy[1]



Fisheries Trade Policy

Fisheries aspects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Fisheries subsidies negotiations fail at WTO 10th Ministerial

Fisheries Regulation

Tuna Access Arrangements

US Treaty remains fragile as vessel day price soars and skipjack prices plummet

Fisheries Management  

 Mixed bag of results leaves room for hope after dismal WCPFC12

8th Dec2015, WCPFC12, BALI--There’s been a mixed bag of results for Pacific negotiators who’ve spent almost three weeks in Bali, Indonesia, defending their interests in the world’s largest tuna fishery. Notably, the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, WCPFC, adopted a Conservation and Management measure setting a target reference point for Skipjack, but a similar proposal for South Pacific Albacore did not get across the line.

IUU tuna blacklist from six to two after FSM settles with Philippines

28thNov 2015, WCPFC12, INDONESIA – Pacific nations pushing for a record number of six tuna boats to be banned from fishing in their waters are taking that number down to two.  The 17-member Forum Fisheries Agency are in Bali at the upcoming 12th session of their regional tuna fisheries management body, the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.

Tuna buzz builds for Pacific nations to 12th WCPFC.

18th Nov 2015, FFA HQ, Honiara SOLOMON ISLANDS South Pacific Albacore, High Seas and IUU fishing, Target and Limit Reference Points and Harvest Strategies linked to the Pacific’s Future of Fisheries Roadmap are just some of the tuna buzzwords as the region heads to the annual general session for the regional tuna commission, the WCPFC.