FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS Volume 9: Issue 3 May-June 2016

FFA TRADE AND INDUSTRY NEWS    Volume 9: Issue 3May-June 2016

By Elizabeth Havice, Mike McCoy, Liam Campling[1]



Special Feature   

14th Infofish World Tuna Trade Conference Summary

Fisheries Management

US and Pacific Island Parties Reach New US Treaty Agreement

US combines in-zone and high seas fishing effort in interim rule

Port State Measures Agreement Enters into Force

New Fisheries book meets critical data gap

Fisheries is a critical sector for food security and economic growth in the Pacific region but despite this, the sustainable development of the industry and effective management of this precious resource has been hampered by the lack of accurate and up-to-date data. 

FFA SPEECHES: Outgoing FFC Chair notes successes and cautions on challenges in handover session at 2016 ministerial

Full statement below -- 
13th Forum Fisheries Ministerial Committee Meeting
Tuvalu Statement and Handing Over remarks
Hon Elisala Pita
Minister, Ministry of Natural Resources, Tuvalu.
Honourable Ministers from all FFA member countries and your delegations, FFA Director General Mr James Movick and your staff, Senior Government Official of the Government of Vanuatu, representatives of Crop Agencies, Observers, and Friends.